Fashionable Factors

Plaid, stripes
Stripes and plaids are a cliché, but the surprise is that each season, designers can always present a variety of interesting patterns and that its freshness will never expire.

The vertical striped suit must be an indispensable item of wardrobe, it is too easy to wear, everyone can control.
If you look too much black, this year, maybe you can try a white striped suit, it is absolutely eye-catching.
The Scottish plaid, and the plaid of the Welsh prince, etc., have always been hot elements, especially the checkered elements of this year and the oversize suits, too fashionable!
The small checkered suit has a French style and with a retro literary style, it is more suitable for sweet and petite girls. The multicolored fresh color is particularly beautiful.
Unintentionally seeing the recent street shoot in Fashion Week, the mixture has a great personality and catches the eye.
The big plaids are more generous and elegant, emphasizing the feminine temperament of mature intellectuality.
The plaid suit is more formal, very appropriate for OL, with T-shirts and sneakers will instantly become more everyday and comfortable.
The checkered suit is an indispensable item, just be careful not to let too much mix, almost everything looks good.
At the same time, you can also use the accessories to balance the key points and increase the strengths, these are all tips to add points. For example, a beret red wool like the photo, very chic.
In addition to a variety of short skirts to match it, the suit jacket also has the entire matching skirt suit.
It is also easy to wear the costume in OL style when necessary for special occasions.

And to match this shorts and this short skirt, there is also an advantage to change style!
The pleated skirt is relatively the easiest half-skirt to wear, put a shirt on the inside of the suit jacket, a simple short skirt can create a sweet and feminine temperament at work!
Light-colored skirts, cotton skirts and white or black blazers are well matched, full of romantic and literary sensibilities, and perfect for parties and dates for girls.
In a print skirts with a suit, you have to be careful about the color is not too different and the colors should not be too rich.
There is also the satin skirt, match the costume that can give the satin skirt less sense of pajamas.
When wearing the skirt, you must learn how to use your belt. The belt is a great tool to show the high waist and the slim waist for all girls!
Compare the effect in the photos of using a belt and do not use a belt! Is it very obvious?

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