How to Create French Look

Even not a French female, one can also create a fashionable French look. The typical stereotype have been mixed for the changeable era – with lace, wicker baskets, and cornflowers, which have taken the place of smoky eyes and smouldering cigarettes.

Among numerous spectators of the World Cup final, Brigitte Macron was only a common person on the scene, neither an alluring women nor an avid fan. But to a certain extent, from angle fashion, public eyes were attracted for her French look – skinny black trousers, an oversized top, artfully messy hair, eyeliner, etc.

In the last decade, the French Girl showed super magic in fashion. No only books written dedicated to her French style, but also four posts on Instagram are all evidences of her trendy looks. In addition, endless articles were also published to disseminate tips regarding French styles. Though one admits she is still a French girl rather than a French women, it’s no doubt that the French style is alluring. For the sake of her guides, one may buy a Breton top and ballet flats and would like to ensure whether suitable micellar water is available in bathrooms.

In general, a typical French Girl features following characters, such as a carefree smile, windswept hair, artisan brie and cornflowers. When have a closer look on Instagram, the French style is popular that birthplace is no longer crucial.

Berets, eyeliner and ballet flats are also suitable, but one may would like to change a little in August. The perfect rumpled shirt in an exaggerate size should come from your spouse. In addition, the look similar to men is also worth of watching. At the same time, the length of jeans shall be shorter than the length from waist to ankle. It would be better if jeans are finished with kick flare.

Certainly, the look still have loads of shortcomings to ultimate non-French girl. For the sake of love affair with Gainsbourg, she moved from London to Cannes in the 1970s, catching attentions from public for baskets, jeans and artfully messy hair.

Some may doubt whether French style is still chic. It is really an annoying question. From time to time, it haunted French for vested national identity. Except for stereotypes and gentle xenophobia, they are a cut above the rest of us. According to exhaustive research into the issue, I managed perceived some secrets behind Parisian chic after standing on street corners for two or three hours. But it’s only some references.

  1. Wearing Sunglasses

A big chunky sunglasses is to a Parisian woman what flunkies to Chris Moyles. Sunglasses will make every woman cool. Besides, puffy eyes caused by cigarettes could also be covered.

  1. Slightly Smaller Bag than Your Dog

Obviously, dog is one yappy little things. Now, dogs become popular among various American. The bag in a perfect size is suitable to sit on laps when one sit elegantly in a coffee shop, sipping the cup of coffee in front of you and arguing with something new in the 21st century.

Fashionable Factors

Plaid, stripes
Stripes and plaids are a cliché, but the surprise is that each season, designers can always present a variety of interesting patterns and that its freshness will never expire.

The vertical striped suit must be an indispensable item of wardrobe, it is too easy to wear, everyone can control.
If you look too much black, this year, maybe you can try a white striped suit, it is absolutely eye-catching.
The Scottish plaid, and the plaid of the Welsh prince, etc., have always been hot elements, especially the checkered elements of this year and the oversize suits, too fashionable!
The small checkered suit has a French style and with a retro literary style, it is more suitable for sweet and petite girls. The multicolored fresh color is particularly beautiful.
Unintentionally seeing the recent street shoot in Fashion Week, the mixture has a great personality and catches the eye.
The big plaids are more generous and elegant, emphasizing the feminine temperament of mature intellectuality.
The plaid suit is more formal, very appropriate for OL, with T-shirts and sneakers will instantly become more everyday and comfortable.
The checkered suit is an indispensable item, just be careful not to let too much mix, almost everything looks good.
At the same time, you can also use the accessories to balance the key points and increase the strengths, these are all tips to add points. For example, a beret red wool like the photo, very chic.
In addition to a variety of short skirts to match it, the suit jacket also has the entire matching skirt suit.
It is also easy to wear the costume in OL style when necessary for special occasions.

And to match this shorts and this short skirt, there is also an advantage to change style!
The pleated skirt is relatively the easiest half-skirt to wear, put a shirt on the inside of the suit jacket, a simple short skirt can create a sweet and feminine temperament at work!
Light-colored skirts, cotton skirts and white or black blazers are well matched, full of romantic and literary sensibilities, and perfect for parties and dates for girls.
In a print skirts with a suit, you have to be careful about the color is not too different and the colors should not be too rich.
There is also the satin skirt, match the costume that can give the satin skirt less sense of pajamas.
When wearing the skirt, you must learn how to use your belt. The belt is a great tool to show the high waist and the slim waist for all girls!
Compare the effect in the photos of using a belt and do not use a belt! Is it very obvious?

Tips on Daily Looks

Speaking of autumn and winter, many middle-aged women will choose the temperament and noble color, but not the bright colors. The high-end gray is without a doubt the most fashionable choice in autumn and winter!
Gray, also known as “temperament gray”, is soft, calm, regular, harmonious, unified, not strong, not dazzling, probably because it has a kind of innate restraint, of elegance, and the Elegant texture that reveals itself naturally, always Give people a sense of calm and comfort.
1. Sweater
This gray sweater looks ordinary but never extraordinary, comfortable and easy to wear. Many stars and fashionistas love this.
The styles we wear often are:
1. Crew neck sweater: the most common and the most practical
2. High-necked sweater: Warm
3. V-neck sweater: change the face, sexy
4. Boat collar sweater: modify the shoulder line

Not only can it modify the thinner shape with a tights, but also very comfortable to wear.

With a tight knee-length dress
The tight skirts come off the right size, wear a black leather coat that is full of temperament, and the combination of rigidity and softness emphasizes the style of a capable woman.

Matching jeans with simplicity
The easiest way to wear is also the most fashionable, with black tights, it’s also very beautiful.
A gray knit dress will give you a loose, comfortable and lightweight v-neck style, also suitable for fat girls.

Too boring and monotonous? You can try with bright colors, prints, plaids, patent leathers, etc., and popular elements and personalities materials.

It can make the overall shape be more layered with a blazer, creating a sophisticated and elegant OL temperament.

Creates an overlay sensation with a shirt inside.

If you do not feel design sense? Why not try the cleavage type, a slightly subtle way of nudity, sexy girls must have it ~
Loose wide pants can create a sophisticated and chic temperament.

Hats, necklaces, rings and other accessories can add a finishing touch.

1. Coat

The wool coat is the most popular item in autumn and winter, while the gray coat has a refined sense of elegance and full of temperament.
Coats double-breasted, half skirts, boots above the knee, a little savvy and casual.
Double-breasted coats, jeans, boots above the knee, a little savvy and casual.

2. Suit Jacket
The costume is an elegant coat, the black is too serious, the white is too eye-catching, only sober and not simple gray, let the costume reveal the elegant sense of temperament.

3. Accessories

Do not underestimate any gadget, it can become the shining point of the whole body at any time.

Especially a hat, the final touch of the critical moment, so promise me, take the time to choose a textured hat ~
I recommend the beret beret Fr Beret, good quality but not expensive.
Or a scarf that you like, a high quality gray scarf is your best choice.